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mabey you can add like an rpg

Will there be more guns other than the 1911 in the steam version?

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Yes. The current Steam version (work in progress) already features two rifles, a shotgun, a smg and another pistol. More to come as well :) 

Let me know if you got some specific ideas for guns :)

how about a knifing ability?

Are you still working on this version, or are you only going to update the steam version from here on out?

Still working on it every day but focusing on the Steam version. So make sure to wishlist to stay in touch. :)

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why is my game so damn dark? i mean like DARK i cant even see the gun or anything. the only thing i can see is the flash  from the gun.

You are definitely right about this. It has been much improved in the Steam version already. Thank you for your feedback and let me know if you got more feedback. Always keen to hear it! :)

I am unstoppable.

Hi, how do I enable VR on the game? I have my quest connected, but it wont work. (Im usually not on this website, so contact me at moyed#1103)

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i would love it if there were multiple weapons, like for example, abolt action sniper rifle, or a shotgun (sawed off, or pump shotgun, it doesnt matter) and also, if it were free on steam, i would pick it up withs absolutely no hesitation!

is the steam version more up to date than the itch version?

its not out yet


I like the gun mechanics but i feel like the player definitly coulkd use more health. every time i was spotted from behind i wouldn't have a chance to react. it's probably easier in vr to shoot around corners and stuff but on a regular keybord it's difficult

Thank you for your feedback. The Steam version will definitely address this and many other things. Make sure to add it to your wishlist to keep it on your radar :)

Played this on Rift S. Performance is great even on my Geforce 1060.   Gun mechanics were good. I much prefer this slow-and-tense pace in VR compared to faster games like Serious Sam 3 - I think because partially it's better for people with motion sickness, and the creeping around is  more "real". As with Retriever I do wish there were a few easier targets to shoot at - the sentry guns are lethal and tough, which is good for tension, but a few soft targets would be nice too.

I'm looking forwards to the full release (if there will be one).

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Thank you for your feedback. I'm happy to tell you that theres definitely gonna be a full release. Hopefully some time this year. It will improve performance even further and add additional content and mechanics! :)

Make sure to wishlist on Steam to not miss it :)

That's great, I've added it to my wishlist!


i don't like the drones :(


Fro  what i've seen it's reciver in VR. That's an awsome idea.

If you made this work with webvr you could get it to work on quest, pc and everything inbetween.

im confused on how to download it on my VR and is it possible for Oculus quest consused

At the moment the only way to play this game on the Oculus Quest is to stream the game from a PCVR capable computer (for instance using the Oculus Link cable).

Any chance we'll see support for the Quest?

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I hope that's a maybe! this would be a lovely addition to the SideQuest roster, us Quest fools are gun hungry y'know :P Check out the SideQuest forums if you haven't already - tons of resources and awesome folks eager to help.

is multiplayer pvp?

This is a great game, amazing even, but I have one small issue. When I pick up cartridges, what do I do with them? I know I'm supposed to refill magazines, as other comments say that, but how do I do that? Otherwise, It's a great game, I'm just dumb so I can't understand trhis mechanic. Please, help me.

Are you playing in VR or using Mouse & Keyboard? 

Using mouse + Keyboard you first need to holster your gun. After that you can insert/remove cartridges. The default keys should be E and Z.

Using VR you can eject cartridges using the trigger and just move cartridges over the magazine to put them back in.

I hope this helps! :)

Hmm, in VR I tried that and it didn't work, so...


please make a web browser version

im using an oculus rift and for some reason  keep getting weird green lines for a second and they just flash over the screen and disappear and this does not happen with any other games

Playing this on a WMR headset. Works perfectly fine for me. Nice vr clone of Receiver. I've played it numerous times by now and it's more and more fun as you get better. This has a lot of potential!

Trying it on WMR. Sometimes I was unable to use trigger to plug in magazine. Also lokomotion movement feels really slow

This game seem a lot like receiver and I admire it.

how do i customize the screen resolution

So... flashlights? Also, when you first start down a set of you tumble a little, every time you start moving down. 

is the full steam release going to be free?

On Valve Index, can't turn. Touchpads and joystick do the same things, left hand being move and right hand being eject clip and safety. Just dropped a full clip because of this and it clipped straight through the floor as best as I can tell.

And after a bit more playing, I accidentally dropped my gun through the floor as well. Still a very nice adaptation of Receiver for VR, mind. A bit too difficult for me, really, especially the drones.

No enemies. What's happening?

I just found 1 drone

Having a bug where I cannot use the trigger to pull bullets to reload my mags. I'm playing on oculous rift s, amd CPU and GPU. Can give more info!

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Did you figure it out? Haven't heard of this bug so far.

Maybe consider joining the Discord for better support:

I did not try today, but I will join discord if the problem persists!

i loaded the game but its looking like this can someone help me

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Sorry for the late reply. Did you try to lower your graphics settings? It also might be an engine issue. It seems rare though. I will have to do some investigation.

yes i tried on all graphic settings

Okay thats probably an engine bug. Could you join the Discord and refer to this issue again? I want to share you something to try!


This looks like you've burnt your screen by leaving it in sunlight

you have mostlikely burned your screen mostlikely by leaving the lens of your oculas in direct sunlight if it only like this in this game tho then forget what i said and its mostlikely a bug 

Good Game

Cant wait for new Enemies, new Guns, and new Rooms... (if you are planning to add that is...)


no i think this is enough for this game

Patrick has been planning to add these features, however he is planning to do so in the steam version. He has already added new guns.

how to run when I try to rin the program it just says failed to load mono 

is there a way to get around this?

im playing with mouse+keybord btw if that helps

I faced this when I extracted everything in a different folder and moved stuff, delete everything, redownload, create a specific folder, put the .Rar file in the specific folder you created,  go into that specific folder, then finally do an "extract here" on the .rar file.

Hope this helps if you haven't found a fix yet!

This gun game is honestly the most challenging but fun I've played in VR, because the enemies are placed differently each time so you can't predict or breeze through it after a few deaths. I've not managed to find more than 4 documents before lights out. I've never been so afraid to die in VR because you have to start all over again, the bullets are limited so you really have to be careful with ammo. I really would like to see other guns in the game, with limited ammo just like the pistols or a grenade. But if you throw one then all the bots are alerted to you for 5 seconds or something. I kind of want it to be easier but I don't really want it to be too easy to complete. Maybe could you add difficulty levels - easy would be lots of ammo dotted around and less robots. Medium obviously a little bit more ammo and hard would be exactly as it is now. I really recommend this game, alone or with friends. Who can collect the most documents. Great job with this Patrick, I don't know about the other game it's inspired off of so I can't really compare it. I hope I find all 12 documents if that is even possible haha! 

Indeed it is possible! In the new steam version I've had the chance to bugtest for him and completed the game with 4/5 of the current guns.

Really needs something to change the resolution

I really like the feel of this game, played for a long time and didn't start feeling off like I do with some games. I think it would be cool to have a flashlight and a map that is not populated, but fills out as you explore. Looking forward to the Steam version when it gets released.

I created video of the gameplay here:


can you link a .apk file if you can?

playing this game on an Android phone would be the single worst experience you can have.

I've enjoyed what i've seen of this so far. I like how many functions are involved with the gun itself and how the enemies have weakspots (helps with saving ammo). Can't wait for more.

P.S. What do you use the cartridges for?

You can use the cartridges to reload your magazines. You need to holster your weapon before you can do that though.



just make this game receiver VR

This game is pretty cool, the best bit is async multiplayer, but the gun realism is also quite good and makes the game quite a bit more immersive.

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