A downloadable game for Windows

The game is playable using Mouse+Keyboard and/or in VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift).

Experience a first-person shooter with a twist: You will need to operate your weapon in full detail (press F1 in-game to toggle an interactive help) while scavenging  a procedurally generated level protected by machines that don't even know what mercy is.

At this early stage the project still is rather close to a game called Receiver that inspired this project in various ways. Of course, I Can Gun has been created from the ground up by myself and I plan to expand on the concept even further. 

I already created a Steam page for this reason. Make sure to follow and wishlist if you are interested in the future of the project:

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/965360/I_Can_Gun/

Please share your experience. Also feel free to join the Discord server to participate in the further development: https://discord.gg/8BAHMwx

Install instructions

- Extract files
- Run ICG.exe

If you are experiencing performance issues you can try to select a lower graphics quality in the dialog you see on every startup.


i-can-gun-win.zip 597 MB
Version 4 Nov 03, 2018

Development log


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I like the gun mechanics but i feel like the player definitly coulkd use more health. every time i was spotted from behind i wouldn't have a chance to react. it's probably easier in vr to shoot around corners and stuff but on a regular keybord it's difficult

Thank you for your feedback. The Steam version will definitely address this and many other things. Make sure to add it to your wishlist to keep it on your radar :)

Played this on Rift S. Performance is great even on my Geforce 1060.   Gun mechanics were good. I much prefer this slow-and-tense pace in VR compared to faster games like Serious Sam 3 - I think because partially it's better for people with motion sickness, and the creeping around is  more "real". As with Retriever I do wish there were a few easier targets to shoot at - the sentry guns are lethal and tough, which is good for tension, but a few soft targets would be nice too.

I'm looking forwards to the full release (if there will be one).

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Thank you for your feedback. I'm happy to tell you that theres definitely gonna be a full release. Hopefully some time this year. It will improve performance even further and add additional content and mechanics! :)

Make sure to wishlist on Steam to not miss it :)

That's great, I've added it to my wishlist!

i don't like the drones :(

Fro  what i've seen it's reciver in VR. That's an awsome idea.

If you made this work with webvr you could get it to work on quest, pc and everything inbetween.

im confused on how to download it on my VR and is it possible for Oculus quest consused

At the moment the only way to play this game on the Oculus Quest is to stream the game from a PCVR capable computer (for instance using the Oculus Link cable).

Any chance we'll see support for the Quest?

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I hope that's a maybe! this would be a lovely addition to the SideQuest roster, us Quest fools are gun hungry y'know :P Check out the SideQuest forums if you haven't already - tons of resources and awesome folks eager to help.

is multiplayer pvp?

This is a great game, amazing even, but I have one small issue. When I pick up cartridges, what do I do with them? I know I'm supposed to refill magazines, as other comments say that, but how do I do that? Otherwise, It's a great game, I'm just dumb so I can't understand trhis mechanic. Please, help me.

Are you playing in VR or using Mouse & Keyboard? 

Using mouse + Keyboard you first need to holster your gun. After that you can insert/remove cartridges. The default keys should be E and Z.

Using VR you can eject cartridges using the trigger and just move cartridges over the magazine to put them back in.

I hope this helps! :)

Hmm, in VR I tried that and it didn't work, so...


please make a web browser version

im using an oculus rift and for some reason  keep getting weird green lines for a second and they just flash over the screen and disappear and this does not happen with any other games

Playing this on a WMR headset. Works perfectly fine for me. Nice vr clone of Receiver. I've played it numerous times by now and it's more and more fun as you get better. This has a lot of potential!

Trying it on WMR. Sometimes I was unable to use trigger to plug in magazine. Also lokomotion movement feels really slow

This game seem a lot like receiver and I admire it.

how do i customize the screen resolution

So... flashlights? Also, when you first start down a set of you tumble a little, every time you start moving down. 

is the full steam release going to be free?

On Valve Index, can't turn. Touchpads and joystick do the same things, left hand being move and right hand being eject clip and safety. Just dropped a full clip because of this and it clipped straight through the floor as best as I can tell.

And after a bit more playing, I accidentally dropped my gun through the floor as well. Still a very nice adaptation of Receiver for VR, mind. A bit too difficult for me, really, especially the drones.

No enemies. What's happening?

I just found 1 drone

Having a bug where I cannot use the trigger to pull bullets to reload my mags. I'm playing on oculous rift s, amd CPU and GPU. Can give more info!

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Did you figure it out? Haven't heard of this bug so far.

Maybe consider joining the Discord for better support: https://discord.gg/8BAHMwx

I did not try today, but I will join discord if the problem persists!

i loaded the game but its looking like this can someone help me

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Sorry for the late reply. Did you try to lower your graphics settings? It also might be an engine issue. It seems rare though. I will have to do some investigation.

yes i tried on all graphic settings

Okay thats probably an engine bug. Could you join the Discord and refer to this issue again? I want to share you something to try!  https://discord.gg/8BAHMwx


This looks like you've burnt your screen by leaving it in sunlight

you have mostlikely burned your screen mostlikely by leaving the lens of your oculas in direct sunlight if it only like this in this game tho then forget what i said and its mostlikely a bug 

Good Game

Cant wait for new Enemies, new Guns, and new Rooms... (if you are planning to add that is...)


no i think this is enough for this game

Patrick has been planning to add these features, however he is planning to do so in the steam version. He has already added new guns.

how to run when I try to rin the program it just says failed to load mono 

is there a way to get around this?

im playing with mouse+keybord btw if that helps

I faced this when I extracted everything in a different folder and moved stuff, delete everything, redownload, create a specific folder, put the .Rar file in the specific folder you created,  go into that specific folder, then finally do an "extract here" on the .rar file.

Hope this helps if you haven't found a fix yet!

This gun game is honestly the most challenging but fun I've played in VR, because the enemies are placed differently each time so you can't predict or breeze through it after a few deaths. I've not managed to find more than 4 documents before lights out. I've never been so afraid to die in VR because you have to start all over again, the bullets are limited so you really have to be careful with ammo. I really would like to see other guns in the game, with limited ammo just like the pistols or a grenade. But if you throw one then all the bots are alerted to you for 5 seconds or something. I kind of want it to be easier but I don't really want it to be too easy to complete. Maybe could you add difficulty levels - easy would be lots of ammo dotted around and less robots. Medium obviously a little bit more ammo and hard would be exactly as it is now. I really recommend this game, alone or with friends. Who can collect the most documents. Great job with this Patrick, I don't know about the other game it's inspired off of so I can't really compare it. I hope I find all 12 documents if that is even possible haha! 

Indeed it is possible! In the new steam version I've had the chance to bugtest for him and completed the game with 4/5 of the current guns.

Really needs something to change the resolution

I really like the feel of this game, played for a long time and didn't start feeling off like I do with some games. I think it would be cool to have a flashlight and a map that is not populated, but fills out as you explore. Looking forward to the Steam version when it gets released.

I created video of the gameplay here:


can you link a .apk file if you can?

playing this game on an Android phone would be the single worst experience you can have.

I've enjoyed what i've seen of this so far. I like how many functions are involved with the gun itself and how the enemies have weakspots (helps with saving ammo). Can't wait for more.

P.S. What do you use the cartridges for?

You can use the cartridges to reload your magazines. You need to holster your weapon before you can do that though.



just make this game receiver VR

This game is pretty cool, the best bit is async multiplayer, but the gun realism is also quite good and makes the game quite a bit more immersive.


I'm interested in this game, but the issue is that you say it's inspired by Receiver when in reality it's pretty much the exact same as receiver.

Thank you for your honest opinion. Really appreciate. Do you have some ideas how to make it stand out more? What would you like to see getting added or changed? I put this very early build (that even in the current state took multiple months to create) out to make sure I get a lot of feedback so I go into the right direction with this project. Thats why I'm very curious what your vision is.

Looking forward for your reply. Thank you so much!

I feel like maybe some enemy variety? And also you should give your enemies weakpoints, that one was one of the greatest features from Receiver because it helps you save on ammunition if you're good at aiming. Maybe a gun jamming system? You could take apart and clean your gun. Oh! And an enhanced stealth system maybe? Where the drones can't find you if you're hiding well enough. 


Thank you very much. I will definitely work on more enemies.

Cleaning and taking apart the gun sounds interesting. I will think about it. I also really like the idea of an enhanced stealth sytem.

By the way:

  • Enemies already feature different hitzones
  • Gun jams are implemented but only happen with a chance of 0.2% 

Thank you a buch. Really good ideas that I will try to take into account :)

But it's better, it has VR support and it's still being developed...


It's an awesome expansion of the idea of "Receiver".

However, the punishing 1 hit kill does not work well with first person shooters.

Fun demo, but I wouldn't be buying this game if it shipped with that insane level of difficulty.


I am one of the Steam testers for this game, I love it! This is one of the rare games that focus on gun mechanics while being a good game.

This game is early access and is being updated regularly by the dev.
There are different game modes at the moment:
Normal Gameplay - Where you have a gun, trying to kill all the bots around the area.
Testing Scene - Testing guns for the game, fun to mess around in.
Killhouse - Try and kill all the targets as fast as you can.

This on top of being a PC game, is also a VR game (I play in VR) and even has a Async mode, meaning 2 players can play co-op (1 in VR, on on PC)

This game is early access (not even released yet) and has a wide range of guns for the games current state:
and more coming soon

The guns can jam if there is a bullet stuck in the chamber, making it even more realistic.
There is safety, good for Async co-op. There is modes (rapid/burst/single shot)
I think this game is worth it.
At the moment it is only available on itch.io (https://patrickkoenig.itch.io/i-can-gun)
This game has 1 thing I think should be added for new players, tutorial - especially for PC version, it took me a while to get the controls.

Discord https://discord.gg/XzE4pke (Talk to the dev here)

Overall this game is worth putting onto your wishlist and once it comes out, I recommend getting it.


Why do you die in a single bullet?


The game wouldn't be very exciting if you could take multiple hits and run through the levels carelessly. 

I'm not saying to add alot of extra health but it would be nice to be able to take maybe a extra bullet or two. I agree that having little health makes the game fun and adds an extra edge to the difficulty. I just find dying in only one hit to be slightly annoying.


You were looking for ways to set your game apart? What about implementing a hitbox on the player and having the nature of the hit impact not only health but ability?

Get shot in the head? Dead! Or maybe you get lucky and only lose an eye. With VR you can do that and suddenly the person can only see on one side and stereoscopic vision is thus also gone.

Get shot in your gun arm? Congratulations, you now move slower and have to shoot with your other hand!

Get shot in your non-dominant arm? You move slower and reloading takes a lot longer. Two handed melee weapons would be out too.

Get shot in the leg? You now move slower and can't jump as far.

Get shot in the abdomen? You now move slower and have a limited time to finish the level or you bleed out.

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Plot twist, that's a thing but the bots only aim for the head. Good programming.

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This game is really good, downloaded it just to see what it was and was utterly impressed! I really love how the gun works in VR, and also that it works the same and just as realistic in desktop mode. You can play 2 player multiplayer on the same PC. one in vr and one in desktop mode which i think is absolutely awesome! However i do agree that the lighting is very dark, and some more guns would be awesome. Love this game, Keep up the good work Patrick.

Edit: I saw that the game is on steam, do you know when it'll come out?

Thank you! 

For the Steam version I'm still working on adding some more weapons and content. Even though it is going to release into Early Access I still want to improve it a bit further. 

Thats why I got no release date yet but thats part of the reason why I created the Steam page to just wishlist it. Anyway what would be your expectations or even wishes for the Steam version? :)

I must say i'm extremely impressed with this game. Its fun to play and very well done but I do have a few suggestions that i think might help. I love how realistic the gun is and personally would like to see more guns in the future. That would help to expand the gameplay and open new roads for different players.  I love the sense of urgency and how little life you have but i found that dying in one hit was getting to be annoying. Maybe you could add just a small amount of health to the player to help balance this. Finally I found that much of the map was extremly dark. Im perfectly fine with dark maps but perhaps a little more light would prove useful for the rare case you drop something and cant find it, or maybe having dropped items glow? As I said i loved the game and honestly believe it has a bright future and all the before mentioned are merely suggestions but i would love to see the creators opinion on these if at all possible 

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Thank you for your feedback. Makes me very happy that you already enjoy the game in the current state!

You aren't the first to mention that the game is too dark. I guess I haven't found the right balance for it yet and it most likely could indeed use some more lights. I also like your idea of making dropped items glow. And more guns are a no-brainer and definitely happening ;)

I haven't decided about the health yet though. However I definitely also want to have some more game modes to use the guns and mechanics in different settings as well.

I will definitely consider all feedback. Keep it coming and thank you!

Everyone is talking about how cool the game is, and I agree that the gun mechanics are great. But I feel like im missing something when it comes to the enemies. There is no way of knowing where a enemy is without looking, and when you do you get shot, thats a game over. 

So idk if im missing something or if everyone else just has super human reflexes

Whenever an enemy is near there is a kind of beeping noise, that get stronger the closer you are to said enemy, and it is directional, so it will be weaker if you are facing away from the enemy

This is freaking amazing! As said in another comment it's so incredibly satisfying with all the ridiculously well designed animations that there's no way to get truly mad when dying. It's an incredible feeling even to get shot, I love the fact that you move a little when you die as well, it's just absolutely amazing!
A couple experiences I had that really make this game special to me:

- After hours of playing through it and (due to my extreme lack of skill) only getting 4/12 of the documents when they all spawned right next to each other, I decided to try something really dumb. I shot straight up when met with a room that had a sky. The bullet went up, and twinkled into nothingness. While it lay somewhere so high I couldn't see it, I wondered if it was even plausible for any game to have a bullet come straight back down, I doubted it would work. Then, slowly, it fell and twinkled back into existance. I stood, awestruck, and when I thought this game couldn't get any better, I heard a faint "whizz" as the bullet flew and hit something I couldn't see. Truly amazing.

- The stanima bar was realistic, but the fact that you can hear your heart pounding as you run makes it really feel like you get exhausted after running a while, but it's amazing that you've added the stanima bar falling faster when you run up stairs, and jerkily as you jump. I also love how when you crawl you can still run, but not as fast as when you stand. I really like this elemant a lot.

- The fact that all enemies have specific weaknesses, the turrets have a spot where it will stop turning, and a spot to disable it entirely. And if you're really too lazy to deal with these weaknesses, you can waste 4-5 bullets on the head and disable it. With the flying drones, each rotor you hit will make it spin awkwardly, the other rotor supporting it alone. If you hit both, the drone falls but remains active, shocking in vain. Really love this!

- And finally, of course, the thing I downloaded the game for! The gun mechanics, all the little clicks and clangs, the fact that you can do anything you can in real life with it. It takes serious skill to do anything quickly and effeciently with it, and when a drone is after you, you usually don't have time to reload a whole nother magazine.

It's all so satisfying! Again, all of these elemants combined make it impossible to get angry when you die, you just smile and try again. Knowing you'll probably never get all 12 documents, but not caring. The game is so good, infact, you aren't playing to win. You're playing to continue experiencing the clicks and clangs, the moments of terror at running out of ammo, and the pure realistic and extremely fun scenario you find yourself in. I abosolutely love it. If it's not too much a bother, as it seems you've taken no corners in designing easily one of the most satisfying FPSs I've ever seen out there, please, continue working on this. Do what the description suggests you planned to do, and move beyond other simulators, making this a real game using all of these awesome mechanics.

I know you probably won't read this all, but thank you so much if you did.

-sincerly, a very drone-shot fan.


Actually I always try to read all the comments and positive comments are always a huge motivation booster! Thank you for that!

Also makes me very happy that you noticed the ballistics in the game. I really tried to make them somewhat accurate and realistic. Theres also ricochets that can especially be dangerous in the container level.

I will absolutely continue to work on this game. Thats why I already got the Steam page up. Really would love to know what your vision is for the game? What would you like to get added or changed? I think more guns are a no-brainer. I suppose a Shooting Range would also allow to test all the weapons in a chill enviroment without any game goal. So that is also something I would like to do. Maybe you got some more ideas to make this a real game!

this is awesome! plays well, mechanics are smooth and the graphics are quite good but i do agree that it is quite dark and that more guns that you could find through the levels would be amazing .

great game so far,

i love it. 

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