A downloadable game for Windows

The game is playable using Mouse+Keyboard and/or in VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift).

Experience a first-person shooter with a twist: You will need to operate your weapon in full detail (press F1 in-game to toggle an interactive help) while scavenging  a procedurally generated level protected by machines that don't even know what mercy is.

At this early stage the project still is rather close to a game called Receiver that inspired this project in various ways. Of course, I Can Gun has been created from the ground up by myself and I plan to expand on the concept even further. 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(45 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter, Simulation
Made withUnity
TagsFPS, Oculus Rift, Procedural Generation, Roguelike, Roguelite, Virtual Reality (VR), vive
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


i-can-gun-win.zip 597 MB
Version 4 Nov 03, 2018

Install instructions

- Extract files
- Run ICG.exe

If you are experiencing performance issues you can try to select a lower graphics quality in the dialog you see on every startup.

Development log


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This is just dollar store Receiver


So this is clone of Receiver. Why?

i ask myself the same


I mean I know the point is the enemies have no mercy but damn just let me look around for more than 1 second there is a difference between rage inducing (getting over it) and straight up frustration (hunt down the freeman)
So in short:

This is a really good base for a game, and has a cool premise, but please just tone down the difficulty curve Just a little bit. For example, giving you an indication that there are robots spawn-camping the doorway would help A LOT.

or maybe i'm just bad at this game idk

you should be able to lean.


If this was a real roguelike, it would have at least a shop. Please add more guns, a shop or at least something! I'm kinda tired of the same stuff, over and over again.

is this gsme for more then 2 players?

No sadly :(


the game is fun but unnecessarily creepy (at least for me) and there's no human enemies (human looking, its all turrets)

*and drones

also those

it's supposed to be creepy, that's just how it was made.

crashes :

(1 edit)

Did you use the open sourced receiver 1 codebase as a base for this project? https://github.com/David20321/7DFPS


man these machines really don't know what mercy is


dude they are machines








r/shut up no one cares about your opinion

fun game but really mf hard


is this game will be finished someday or development already dead?

noone knows

just buy one of the receiver games on steam cause we are hearing nothing about this

it is on steam as "early access" but you can't download it tho


this is a worse and a copycat of receiver, just get receiver 1 or 2 instead


It really is.


Did either of you even play it or read the information?

"At this early stage the project still is rather close to a game called Receiver that inspired this project in various ways."

I don't get the unnecessary hate?


it is nice but has alot of bugs. The movement is a nightmare, i can't turn around, can't reach to the ground to pick something up. How can i map the controller from Trackpad to joystick? My hand starts hurting after a few minutes gameplay.

how many guns will the final gaem have?

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

this is just a near 1 to 1 clone of receiver, just different textures and apparently vr.

it uses the open source code of receiver one so it isnt a copy, simply inspired

(1 edit)

was anything really new added?


Please add shooting range or Sandbox mode. This game have so much potential

(1 edit)

add horror, this game scares the shit out of me but i love it

5 9 7 mb

man my PC is trash

The realistic gun action adds a lot once you get used to it; although I think I found a bug (in one room, there's an automatic weapon moving back and forth on a balcony and it always shoots way over my head as if it's just shooting straight across horizontally rather than aiming at the player character).  But nicely made game with a lot of polish and attractive graphics.


Receiver 2


nah, i think its closer to the first, receiver 2 isnt this bad.

is this available for odyssey+ ?

by that i mean the Windows MR headset


Amazing game I finish the game under 30 minute ! love the game ! if you don't have played it play it it's very fun and the gun gestion is very realistict ! :D 

I hope I can survive more on the game, perhaps add some health bar, health pickups. Anyways I still enjoyed the game. Keep up the good work.

I have my gameplay included in this video:

Hella hard game but you can totally get the hang of it with enough practice. However if you get unlucky it can be impossible to  finish because the books never spawn.


isnt this just a rip off from reciever?


please just PLEASE ADD LIFE

Deleted 2 years ago

shoot them in the eye,that's how you defeat them

Deleted 2 years ago

yes the glowing red ball


shoot them in it to disable it,same with drones,even tho you can shoot the drones anywhere,but the eye deals more dmg

thanks dude

I found that 4 shots is all it needs to take down a turret without hitting the eye. I do find that VR is a lot easier than the mouse and keyboard. But still playable just a more difficult.


Gun gaem gud


Love this game lots of fun. I'm playing using oculus link and a quest 2. My problem is that it defaults to the vive controller layout even though I'm using the oculus touch controllers so I can't turn with the sticks and to eject the mag I have to press down on the joystick while tilting it left. Any help on how to fix this? Once again i'm loving this game. planning on testing out the asym portion some time this week.

this game is really cool, i  like the detailed gun mechanics. however i think you should just add human enemies, static robots are no fun to kill. also being one shot across the map is no fun and there could be a couple more guns

(1 edit)

Is it just me, or are the bots impossible to kill? I shoot one dead on, and they immediately turn and shoot me. I can't get past an enemy with these slow controls when I need to react almost immediately.

I like the weapons controls, but these enemies either need to be seriously nerfed, or the game needs a difficulty setting, because you just *cannot* shoot them in time, let alone hit them.

Thank you for your feedback. I will definitely keep this in mind!

You can try to listen to the beep sounds the turrets make to know whether they are still facing your direction or lost track and kept rotating away again:)


please make this for quest 2

Is there quest support?

I might get one so it would be cool

For the itch.io version you need to download SteamVR and you should be able to play it through Oculus Link.

Native Quest support might become a thing as well.

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I need help i open the game its fine but i can't see the full screen

it missing the control menu area of the screen

i think the resolution is off but i can't find a setting for it?

Try to press and hold the Shift key while launching the game. This should give you some additional options. Theres also a bug in this very outdated version that can cut off some UI on some resolutions. This has been fixed for the Steam version but the fix never made it into the itch.io version.

I hope this helps. Sorry about that.

yeah the UI is cut out its ok i just wrote the buttons down on a piece of paper


Please make mouse and keyoard for VR too...

Because i want to play without move controllers if im in diffrent place.



Hey, just wanna say that this game is awesome! Looking forward to being able to play this with my friends online. Will non-vr players be able to play with VR players as well?

Yes, absolutely! Cross-play across all supported platforms and input types. :)

Awesome! Really looking forward to it. Any planned release date as of yet?

This game is incredible in vr, though I'm bummed that the asymmetric multiplayer is gonna be taken out in the steam release :( Regardless, with a bit more gun variety and some smooth turning options this game could definitely become a must have vr title!

Wow, this game is great! Are there plans on online multiplayer? The asymmetric multiplayer looks neat too. Definitely gonna snag this for me and a bud when it hits the Steam shelves. 

Loved your work on BaM!

(unrelated to this game, but are you still working on Onward? And will we ever see a feature in Onward where we can slap the bolt catch, like in H3VR? VR Multiplayer games really miss that sort of physical detail, sadly.)

Thank you! Online multiplayer is already being tested and will become a thing for sure. The asymetric multiplayer mode will however be removed for the Steam release. It was a lot of work to maintain and had many limitations. Online multiplayer is gonna be much better. :)


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